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Victorian Recorder Guild

International concert not to be missed

Walter van Hauwe & Ensemble Emovere: On Air

Melbourne Recital Centre link

Thursday 13 October 2016 7pm

The MRC web site site describes the concert as follows:

On Air is a reference to the recorder's use of air as a means of transmitting its varied sound world.

Thanks to pivotal figures such as Walter van Hauwe, over the past 40 years the recorder has been taken out of its traditional box categorising it as a simple flute which produces noises when blown, into a bold, daring and fascinating instrument which pays due respect to its long history, while continuing to challenge itself and search for new paths of artistic expression. 

The diverse program presented by Emovere makes a link to these decades of uncovering, while also being an exploration of the sanguine temperament, that passionate and optimistic humour which since ancient Greece has been associated with the element of air. Each piece in the program is a confident example of sophisticated compositional accomplishment, whether from the renaissance or Baroque period or written in the past 30 years. 

With such an array of artistic personalities on stage, it is likely that the sanguine temperament will not restrict itself to affecting the programming alone.