Victorian Recorder Guild

Recorder Fonts

Three new and freely available fonts made by Doug Truter may be of interest to you. One font can make fingering diagrams in a vertical pattern while another can make them horizontally. The third font contains drawings mainly of recorders and crumhorns, similar to a Wingdings font but with different images.
When installed (PC or Mac) the fonts can be used in any application where fonts are selectable by the user, e.g. in word processors, music notation and drawing applications. The fonts have been designed to be easy to use and legible when the font size is small.
You may find these fonts useful for a variety of purposes, e.g. placing a fingering diagram in a score to show how an unusual ornament is to be fingered, making a chart of special or alternative fingerings, placing a drawing of a recorder under the title of a score or article, in a concert program, in a newsletter, flyer, etc.
Each font is accompanied by a PDF document which provides information on how to install the font, how to use it, tips, a map showing which symbols or drawings are assigned to which computer keys, etc. You can download any of the PDF or font files by clicking on the links below, or borrow the CDROM from the VRG library.
Horizontal fingering
Vertical fingering
Recorder and crumhorn drawings